Become a PCOS expert and learn all the tools you need in order to optimize hormones naturally to manage symptoms and improve fertility.

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PCOS Story

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Hi, I’m Dr. Kelly - Naturopathic Doctor, hormone expert, and PCOS warrior. I struggled with heavy, painful periods and cystic acne as a teen, later diagnosed as PCOS. Despite asking my doctors for answers to my period problems, I was only given birth control as a solution, which didn’t help any of my symptoms. After 10 years of suffering every single month, I learned about PCOS for the first time in medical school and realized my symptoms lined up. I then advocated for myself to finally get a diagnosis. Unfortunately, I was only given the option of birth control, metformin, and spironolactone, none of which worked. I turned to my naturopathic doctor for help and was able to heal my hormones naturally and put my PCOS into remission. After my conventional medical doctors told me I’d never be able to have children, I welcomed my beautiful, healthy daughter in 2022. I share these exact methods and protocols in this course that worked for me and the thousands of other women with PCOS that I've helped, so you can do the same. I’m so happy you’re here and can’t wait to walk with you through this healing journey.

I've been in your shoes...

You need someone who understands.

THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU IF YOU feel like your doctors are dismissing your pcos concerns or you've tried everything, yet aren't getting results.

this is for you, if:

I'm here to help. As someone who has PCOS, I get it. This is exactly why I created this mastery level course to help you learn the right information and tools to help you manage your PCOS naturally and get long-term, sustainable results.

You have either been diagnosed with PCOS or think you may have PCOS.

You have a doctor who only wants to throw you on birth control or medications without doing any in-depth workup.

You have irregular periods, PMS symptoms, acne, hirsutism (body and facial hair growth), hair loss, troubles losing weight, fatigue, bloating, anxiety/depression, food/sugar cravings, or troubles getting or staying pregnant.

You want to come off of hormonal birth control and balance your hormones and PCOS naturally.

You don’t know where to start with diet and exercise, or currently doing these things, but not seeing results.

You want to understand your body better and feel more confident in your skin.

In this course, you'll learn...

How PCOS affects your fertility and how to optimize it naturally.

Diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplement support for your PCOS type.

How to regulate cycles, improve symptoms, and improve metabolism.

What is PCOS, the different PCOS types, proper diagnosis, symptoms, and hormone testing.

How to address root causes of PCOS without medication or birth control.

What a normal menstrual cycle looks like, cycle tracking, and cycle syncing.

more than just "take a pill and lose weight". by the end, you'll be a pcos expert and have all the tools to take control of your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program takes 12 weeks to complete. After completion, you have lifetime access to the program and community for continued support. While we encourage you to follow along with the modules, with the nature of the online lessons, you can work at your own pace. All assessments and educational handouts are yours to keep.

how long does the course take to complete?

During this program, you will complete weekly modules on a variety of PCOS topics including PCOS basics, diagnostics and hormone testing, foundational health, detox, stress management, mental health, gut health, diet, exercise, supplements, thyroid, reproductive hormones, adrenals, coming off of birth control, and fertility.

what topics will be covered?

Yes! You can upgrade to the VIP option at any time to get 6 months worth of 1:1 customized support, an at-home test kit, and supplement starter kit.

can I book additional 1:1 calls with dr. Kelly once I enroll or after the 12 weeks?

No, you can join our STANDARD option internationally. However, we require you to be a US Resident for the VIP option to be able provide lab tests and supplements.

do I have to be a us resident to enroll?

We do not accept insurance for this program so payment is self-pay. We find that insurance severely limits access to comprehensive laboratory testing and diagnostic workup, time with your practitioner, and treatment options. However, you can take the information from the course and advocate for care with your local provider.

can I use my health insurance?

Absolutely! This program will help optimize your health even if you are taking medications currently. The program also includes a module on birth control for all of your reproductive hormone needs. For lab testing, we do recommend testing off of birth control for most accurate hormone results.

can I complete the course if I take birth control or other medications?

No. Due to the nature of this online course and educational materials provided, no refunds will be given for this course.

can I get a refund after enrolling?

No. There is no minimum age for this program as long as you have gone through puberty, however we require your time and dedication each week to implement the changes needed to heal. We recommend you complete the program with a parent present if you are under the age of 18.

is there a minimum age requirement to enroll in the coursE?


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